The Tower: Elegant Ultrasonic Waterless Diffuser




The Tower design has a very small footprint and elegant appearance. It is quiet, has nine settings, and is, of course, portable.  It is made of aluminum and comes in a silver or rose champagne color (special order).  It is also Bluetooth compatible.  The oil capacity is 120 ml, roughly four ounces.  This is a lot of oil, probably enough for well over a month for aesthetic use and definitely sufficient for a day when used for mold remediation.  Oil consumption varies based on the size of the space and purpose for diffusing.  Having many options for the settings makes the operation of the device both safe and affordable.

There are several ways to get essential oils into the HVAC system.  The simplest is to put a little oil on a piece of cotton or gauze and slip it between the filter and grill in the return.  Depending on the oil used, this can be intense within a matter of minutes.  The second method is to place the diffuser under the HVAC return.  This is where very low settings come in handy.  The third is to use a connector and tube to feed the mist directly into the ducts, again, usually using the return as the starting point.  The tube is also useful for feeding mist into crevices where moisture might accumulate.

This model is very sturdy and quite heavy, 1300 grams or almost three pounds once adding oil.

Additional information

Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 8 in


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