Small Personal Diffuser




This model has a few variations, one for use in the car, another for disinfection of the hands, and a general use model for diffusing in small areas such as a bedroom. bathroom, or massage room.  It uses a high frequency vibration to atomize the essential oils that are diluted in a carrier fluid such as high proof alcohol, witch hazel, cold pressed plant oil, or a light oil such as a citrus oil. The oils can also be used with a little water to which an emulsifier has been added.  One that is rarely used but that works is actually milk.  Anything that is too thick will clog the diffuser and when the oils are not diluted, the use has to be seriously limited to keep exposure to a suitable therapeutic level.  Normally, only a few drops of undiluted essential oil are needed to have the desired benefits.

This model has a rechargeable lithium battery, is quiet, has three settings, and is highly portable. The capacity is 100 ml (approximately three ounces, and it is made of glass and aluminum.  It comes in either blue or pink. It is a high quality small diffuser for personal use.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in


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