Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic, Not Refined, 4 oz.



Jojoba oil is pressed from the seed of the jojoba plant that grows in Southern California, Arizona, and Northern Mexico as well as other parts of the world. It is actually a liquid wax that is slightly nutty in flavor. Yes, it is edible but non-caloric since it is not absorbed. It is mainly used in cosmetics. It became popular in the 1970s as a replacement for whale oil. It is quite shelf stable because it does not have triglycerides and does not become rancid. However, it is still best to store the jojoba in a dark and cool place and to keep the bottle tightly sealed.

It is a natural fungicide and is therefore ideal as a base in products used for itchy skin.  Normally, one takes the wax and mixes it with essential oils of choice.  Think of it as a base for cosmetics, hair tonics, bath scents, and cremes used on the skin to relieve itchiness, acne, or irritations.  You choose the essential oil and dilute it in the jojoba.  About 20-25 drops of essential oil can be used with the jojoba in our four ounce bottle.

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Contains: Cold Pressed seeds from wildcrafted jojoba, 4 fl. oz.

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