Antifungal Tea

Some spices are naturally antifungal. This is necessary because spices come in large part from tropical climates where for a plant or tree to survive, it must have antifungal properties as well as chemical constituents that repel insects. Though it is probably difficult to consume enough tea to overcome a serious fungal infection, most people will find the taste of these trees quite appealing and certainly the teas will promote better digestion as well as providing some support for ridding the body of both yeast and mold.


Jatobá Jungle Chai

Jatobá Jungle Chai, 4.8 oz

Contents: Amazon Sustainable Harvest Qat tea, jatoba, Solcanaâ„¢ dried cane juice, cinnamon bark, orange peel, cloves, allspice, fennel seed, cardamom, and licorice root.




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